“My role isn't to make INDIVIDUAL things sound good, it’s to make music feel right”

Who I Am

Hi I’m Aidan Cunningham, a mixing engineer, recording engineer and music producer with a life-consuming obsession of music. I love nothing more than working with like-minded creatives and I have the best job in the world. My fascination with recorded sound formed as a young teen and has flourished into a full-time career creating music with artists from around the globe over the past 14 years including Overhead The Albatross, Murdock, Pyreship, The Winter Passing, Bailer, Ramming Speed, Tired Minds and I have mixed records for notable producers from Kurt Ballou to Phil Magee. I spend most of time mixing records that other people have recorded, I also take on a number of recording / producing projects every year.

My Philosophy

The very first thought I have on every record I work on is, “how can I make this not the same?” I treat every recording and mixing project as it’s own entity and I explore what is unique to each song and artist. To me, a recording is an archival of an artist’s identity at a given time. It is about capturing humans playing and creating music. I strive to avoid homogeneity, the last thing we all need is more songs that sound the same.

For that reason, I tend to favour more organic production methods that highlight the musicians performances. If you want a hyper-edited, auto-tuned, drum sample heavy, mechanically perfect record then I'm not your guy. If you want to make a record that captures all the grit, attitude and imperfections of people that make music feel right, then let's make a record. - No one has ever died from too much distortion.


I have worked with a wide range of artists, both signed and independent alike from all over the globe, creating music that is sonically exciting and unique. My portfolio spans across genres including Hardcore, Metal, Punk, Post-Rock, Indie, Pop, Hip-Hop and everything in between, with records being released on Prosthetic Records, Deathwish Inc, 6130 Records, Art As Catharsis, Basick Records. My work has been featured on publications and broadcasters such as BBC Radio 1, Metal Hammer, Big Cheese, Kerrang! Rocksound, Scuzz TV.

I’m also the Guitarist and main songwriter in the band MURDOCK signed to Basick Records.

I’m a Multi-Instrumentalist musician Guitar, Drums, Piano, Saxophone.

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