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Amphion Loudspeakers
I am delighted to announce that I have teamed up with the incredible Amphion Loudspeakers from Finland. I am very pleased to be an Amphion Loudspeakers Artist. You can read my thoughts on why I love these monitors so much here

It was a pleasure to have a very eager full attendance at IMRO while sharing some of my thoughts on mixing. Thanks to all who came!

Pro Studio Live
I was honoured to have been asked to team up with the guys at Pro Studio Live to share some of my insights and philosophies on what goes into mixing a song. Here I am hanging out with Steve Albini and Bob Horn on the PSL site!


Sneak Preview
Mixing the last song for the new @paul_alwright album today. This is a blissful mix of post rock and hip-hop. It's been an extremely fun album to mix, each song it's own entity. I look forward to people hearing the full release!


Overhead, The Albatross - "Time"
One of my favourite songs to have mixed and mastered, very inspirational. When mixing a song, one probably listens to it hundreds of times and this song gave me goosebumps every time!


Mix Room
Updated mix room with my new Amphion One18s.


Sound Training Online
I was recently asked to sit down with Sound Training Online to go through some of the mix techniques I employed mixing the song "Time" by Overhead, The Albatross

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