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It was a pleasure to have a very eager full attendance at IMRO while sharing some of my thoughts on mixing. Thanks to all who came!

Very pleased to say that I will be delivering an evening seminar for IMRO Ireland called "The Importance of Mixing for Music". This event will take place on Tuesday May 22nd at IMRO HQ in Dublin. Event info here

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Pro Studio Live
I was honoured to have been asked to team up with the guys at Pro Studio Live to share some of my insights and philosophies on what goes into mixing a song. Here I am hanging out with Steve Albini and Bob Horn on the PSL site!


Sneak Preview
Mixing the last song for the new @paul_alwright album today. This is a blissful mix of post rock and hip-hop. It's been an extremely fun album to mix, each song it's own entity. I look forward to people hearing the full release!


Overhead, The Albatross - "Time"
One of my favourite songs to have mixed and mastered, very inspirational. When mixing a song, one probably listens to it hundreds of times and this song gave me goosebumps every time!


Mix Room
Updated mix room with my new Amphion One18s.




Sound Training Online
I was recently asked to sit down with Sound Training Online to go through some of the mix techniques I employed mixing the song "Time" by Overhead, The Albatross