Please have a listen to some examples of my work below to hear my signature
production style across many different genres.
These are high resolution audio files, so please allow a moment for song to load.

(Hip-Hop / Ambient) Rap surrounded by beautiful sounds and a guest appearance by Maverick Sabre. Mixed by Aidan

(Pop / Rock / Radio) A catchy "weezer-esque" pop rock song produced by Philip McGee, Mixed by Aidan

(Post-Rock / Ambient) A complex arrangement that changes through many different sections from hip-hop to post rock with lots of layers and instrumentation and five different drum setups. Mixed and Mastered by Aidan.

(Post-Rock / Electronic) One of my new favourite acts to have worked with, a suttning blend of real drums and analouge synths. Produced Mixed and Mastered by Aidan.

(Rock n Roll / Dirty) Tracked live in Texas with a minimalistic approach. Plenty of distortion on everything. Mixed and Mastered by Aidan.

(Heavy / Ambient / Weird) Recorded at Grouse Lodge Studio's large live room using careful placement of many room mics. No digital reverb is used on this song. Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Aidan.

(Hip-Hop / Rap) Grimy Rap / Hip Hop recorded in Des Moines, Iowa. Mixed by Aidan

(Pop / Chart / Rock) Recorded in Modern World Studios big live room. Produced by Greg Haver. Mixed by Aidan.

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